RightMarch plans (possibly ineffective) anti-illegal immigration rally at Democratic Convention

The group RightMarch is planning a "massive" rally at the Democratic Convention next month to protest illegal immigration. It "will feature dozens of prominent speakers and leaders in the fight for border security". And, it probably won't have much of an impact:

Imagine -- 35,000 people, including 15,000 reporters, hearing YOUR message AGAINST illegal immigration, LOUD AND CLEAR!

The vast majority of reporters won't care. Most of those who do will just feature it as a sidenote. Perhaps a few will write biased reports. Obviously, they need to be somewhat nice to the press just in case, but they also have to realize that the press is more or less in the enemy camp.

However, if they get enough people it might send a bit of a message to the conventioneers, but probably not much: they'll soon forgot it.

If Right March wants to have an impact, they should try to get into the convention and ask candidates and DNC officials difficult questions on video, and then upload their responses to video sharing sites. Sending a clear message that supporting illegal immigration is a career limiting move will have a far greater impact than even a "massive" rally. If someone's willing to go to Denver to attend a rally, then surely reading a question off a card shouldn't be that difficult, right? Attendees can repurpose the questions here, call Obama on this, this, this, or this, or use one of these questions already in printable form. For extra credit, they could videotape interactions with MSM reporters and present them with specific examples of their biased reporting.


I like this! we need to have a one million people march! if we just do nothing our jobs and our world will disappear inside the third world. but most of the people doing this great work for freedom will be called racists and put in jail or shot by the local police in a dark alley or attacked by the IRS Or beaten by some gang pigs or just beaten to death at home. Keep fight and keep your eyes on the political person who hates your freedoms.