DailyKos' Netroots Nation has Mexican government-linked group

All rightthinking comrades will be in Austin, Texas this weekend for DailyKos' Netroots Nation, a convention formerly known as YearlyKos.

A search of the site shows just one session relating to immigration, called nutrootsily enough "How to Win the Immigration Debate and Beat Back ICE's Emerging Police State" (netrootsnation.org/node/864). Put on your diving cap and try to follow their logic:

With Congress held hostage to a vocal minority of hard-line immigration restrictionists stirred up by right-wing websites and talk-radio, the Bush administration has launched a series of showy "crack-downs" that have divided working families and transferred billions into the hands of well-connected DHS contractors, but done nothing to reform a deeply dysfunctional immigration system. We can do better.

Actually, the ones holding Congress at bay are the citizens; left to their own devices Congress would have easily passed amnesty. The contractors bit makes some partial sense, even if I imagine their numbers are off a bit. However, the people who've played a major role in the Bush administration putting on a show are those who support illegal immigration, including DailyKos and others on their side. If they would simply support the enforcement of our laws then there'd be no need for things such as the fence. Likewise, it's those who promote disorder - such as DailyKos and other "liberals" - who make it easy for those whose goal is power over others to push "police state"-style proposals.

As for the presenters at that session:
* Marisa Trevino of the blog Latina Lista
* Joshua Holland of Alternet
* "Duke 1676" of the blog Migra Matters
* Jackie Mahendra of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

The last group is headed by someone linked to the Mexican government. What's a Kos convention without a little collaboration?

On a general note, they also have "identity" caucusi (netrootsnation.org/agenda-2008?topic=identity), including those for African Americans, Asian American Pacific Islanders, Latinos, and Women. Oddly enough, there aren't ones for Whites or Men, for some strange reason. All have the same generic description:

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity, issue and regional caucuses.

And, what would the Nutroots Nation be without those who are only known to bloggers, with book signings by notables such as Cliff Schecter, Matt Yglesias, and Amanda Marcotte.

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'that have divided working families' Huh? They are all for everything that makes it easier for the family to illegally reside here and against anything which deters it and then they complain about too many deportations or divided families. Actually, it simply sounds like they think these families have a divine right to be here and have they ever considered that if every form of deterrence were not opposed, watered down, sued over, etc. there would a whole heck of a lot less people who would be subject to deportation? Wouldn't they love it if hardly any egregious violators of hiring law existed in the first place? So that when there's an inspection hardly any of these people get detained, divided, deported? For the most part, no. Because that would mean some of the people who aren't supposed to be here but they indiscriminately want here wouldn't be here. Thus, in bad faith, they don't want a limited immigration policy to work. That's why it's funny when they claim 'the system is broken'--if 'the system' has to be limited, they want it keep it broken and leaky in the extreme. Their 'unbroken' system means a policy of virtually unlimited immigration. Problem solved.

Daily Kos's editorial stance on immigration not to mention the out of control comment section is now completely dominated by professional Open Borders advocates, Immigration Lawyers, the would be "Latte" upper class Left Libertarian intelligensia and assorted authoritarian New New Left Marxist and Anarchist loonies. It did not use to be that way before last summer. There were at one time a number of solid labor market realist, enforcement oriented Democrats posting regularly at Kos on Immigration matters like the H1-B, L1, H2-B, illegal workers and their downwards pressure on job security, employment, wages and benifits. No matter how intelligently written or researched their posting were, they rarely if ever garnered featured status. Markos and staff made little effort in allowing them to broaden or deepen the debate on immigration. Instead they were viciously attacked by the Open Borders advocates with the usual dimwitted "Racist" name calling. The comment sections were completely hijacked with inane remarks to the point of being worthless. Bob Oak over at Noslaves.org comes to mind, along with a bonified progressive activist and successful political campaign strategist like Dave Sirota as folks who got ran out of dodge for questioning the Open Borders agenda. And that apparently is the way Commandante Markos wants to keep it. I stopped visiting Daily Kos almost a year ago.

_I stopped visiting Daily Kos almost a year ago._ I have not been to the site in years. There are so many comments there that it is impossible to carry on any kind of dialogue. Even if you could change a few minds, which I found I couldn't. A lot of choir preaching. An echo chamber. Complete waste of time.