John McCain, Barack Obama to appear at National Latino Congress?

According to a Mexican newspaper [1], both John McCain and Barack Obama may be appearing at this year's National Latino Congress/National Latino Congreso (, something I have a bit of trouble believing. See the translation here.

The main reason I have trouble believing that they'll be appearing there is that many of those showing up are extremists, and few of those groups are (unlike the NCLR where Obama and McCain will speak) considered mainstream.

For instance, last year's event featured Nativo Lopez and Gil Cedillo, groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and it included approved resolutions supporting the Cuban Five, the Fairness Doctrine, and much more. The only presidential candidate who showed was Dennis Kucinich (responsible for two of the resolutions), and aside from one report the MSM largely ignored the event.

The report says that the organizers have confirmed their participation, but they don't name which organizers confirmed that. Much is made here of the fact that the NLC has been endorsed by the Communist Party; the key isn't that they've endorsed them, but that the endorsement has been accepted.

But, if they do show up, it will show even more people that neither of them are qualified to be president, at least of this country.



Once more both McCain and Obama are nothing but the enemies of freedom both want us dead as a nation and as a free people for the Global pigs who some day will murder billions. Look at Obama and Look at McCain both need a job both want the same thing both hate us and both need to murder us and what would you do if this was world war two? if you know what i mean? be free act like Americans and do the right thing if you know what i mean? think 1943 behind enemy lines, if you know what i mean?