"Mexico's Ghost Towns" (from leftwing In These Times)

The leftwing In These Times offers "Mexico's Ghost Towns", a discussion of how massive immigration to the U.S. has hollowed out the interior of Mexico and turned some small towns into virtual ghost towns:
Cerrito del Agua, population 3,000, has no paved roads — either leading to it or within it. No restaurants, no movie theaters, no shopping malls. In fact, the small town located in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas has no middle schools, high schools or colleges; no cell phone service, no hospital. Its surrounding fields are dry and untended. The streets are empty.

The explosion of emigration to the United States over the past 15 years has emptied much of central Mexico, even reaching into southernmost states like Chiapas and Yucatan. But it has simply devastated Zacatecas, a dry, rolling agricultural region located about 400 miles northwest of Mexico City...
Note also that the author (John Gibler) is a "Global Exchange Media fellow". I believe that refers to Susan Medea Benjamin's Global Exchange.


“I think that the U.S.’s plan is to make Mexico into a kind of colony,” says Lopez, with a half smile. You mean Mexican citizens want to maintain their country's sovereignty just like Americans? A lot of the Mexican people are as against continental political integration as the American people: http://www.naturalnews.com/023213.html Their poorest people have born the brunt of the first-step economic integration: 'From 1994 to 2002, Mexico lost more than 1 million agricultural jobs.' That doesn't even take into account the population growth over that period. Population growth + job loss + yellow light (at best) enforcement signal from U.S. = guess what? “The whole culture now is that people grow up and go to the U.S. — their parents, their uncles, their brothers and sisters, everyone goes,” Lopez says. “The kids who are strong and smart, they all go to the U.S. There are no basic services here; the government has not carried out a single project.”

A Mexican women's group has also appealed to the US to stop immigration because they are losing all their men--all the husbands and fathers gone and families ruined.

What a plan to take over a nation and its working real well and what BS Propaganda pj that BS was setup by FOX 6 years ago about the woman in mexico to do some disinfo on the white boys here inside the USA The mexican ruling class are real good at PR And hate our freedoms. and boys and girls mass mexican terrorizing of you is about to happen for real here.