Bob Barr for President Watch (Stephen Gordon, are you listening?)

On April 9, 2008 I sent an email to Stephen Gordon asking him to provide me with Bob Barr's full immigration position since that listed on his site is quite sparse and in interviews he hasn't been pinned down on specifics. Gordon said that Doug Bandow would be coming up with that position for Barr, but as of post time I have not heard back from either.

On May 17, 2008 I sent another email to Gordon asking whether I could interview Barr about this topic, and, once again, as of post time I have not heard back on that.

Well, off to watch some paint dry...


No one cares about what the People think or what will happen if people start to see what is really happening inside the system. No one is Listing to People only to Foreign Third World Rulers, its about time to start getting how much the system hates Your Freedoms and wants you to disappear inside the sea of the third world people. And its only one question you must ask " do you want to live like a third world person"?

I too have emailed Bob Barr's camp to ask his position on immigration and a few other topics that are important to me. So far no one has responded - not even a form letter.