Texas Border Coalition sues to stop border fence; lead attorney is Mexico-linked Peter Schey

The Texas Border Coalition - a group of cities, counties, businesses, chambers of commerce, and economic development committees listed at the link - has sued the Department of Homeland Security over the border fence. The lead attorney in the case is Peter Schey, someone with a series of links to the Mexican government. The chairman of the TBC is Chad Foster, mayor of Eagle Pass. Others involved include Richard Cortez (mayor of McAllen), Pat Ahumada (mayor of Brownsville), Raul Salinas (mayor of Laredo), and Eddie Aldrete and Dennis Nixon of International Bancshares Corp./International Bank of Commerce.

Their claims are listed here and they say that the DHS didn't pay enough for lands they acquired, showed preferential treatment regarding lands owned by the Hunt family, and that Michael Chertoff failed to more or less cross his t's by establishing guidelines beforehand. And, Schey is quoted as saying the following ironic bit:

"They hoodwinked property owners [into waiving their property rights]... This whole thing has been built on a foundation of lawlessness."


Lonewacko, As I said in an earlier comment on a different thread, Lou Dobbs was pretty outraged over the TBC press conference. It is shocking that the TBC would retain as legal council the most notorious Open Borders advocate and huckster Peter Schey. Do you ever listen to Dobb's radio show? Would you consider calling in yourself and pointing out the irony/outrage of Peter Schey working with the TBC since he clearly serves as an agent of the Mexican government. If you send the Dobbs radio program an email in advance with all your documented evidence and demonstrate your considerable knowledge on immigration, his producer will actually schedule a time to call you back. That way you would be given adequate time to present your case.

||amajockey no case can be made and no case will be made by the enemies of freedom and laws, "its a take over of this nation". the enemies are not in mexico city or red china or the third world the people of the third world are only troops being used against us all. With all the nice little talk about this right or that right, we must see it for what it is and start to understand this government hates its own people, civil war with the pigs is the only way to stop this evil, our Liberties are under attack from all sides we as a people will disappear if we do not attack the enemy inside this so called government. our government on all levels hates the ideals of Freedom and Liberties of this people and of our nations history our so called federal government like all state government wants us in a box and totally removed from history and life. the system of evil has murdered the old and the young inside this nation just to see what would happen in a war plan our Nation is becoming a third world shit house and each day we just stand by and watch the news tell about cops killing little kids and shooting unarmed people down like doys or beating to death some fool in a jail cell. and our judges and poltical rats are our enemies to the death and end of time, and all we do is talk about this right or that right and each day the murder of all our right is done for race and political reason and someday you like billion of other's will see a third world war and you will see god in the face and he will be really be mad, I for one must do my duty to my once great nation and that will mean death for this old fool. The words Liberties or death do mean something.

both right, the enemies of freedom are here and want one thing our death as a nation and as a people, listen to Savage Nation.