Neal Ungerleider fails to follow money on Dobbs-bashing "Under the Same Moon"

Neal Ungerleider of Media Bistro ( offers "Fox Promotes Film With Anti-Lou Dobbs Ad" (link), a discussion of an ad for the new movie "Under the Same Moon" that features anti-Lou Dobbs quotes from critics. Let's take a look at Neal Ungerlieder's version of following the money and see if he forgot something:

The Fox News Channel, [movie distributor] Fox Searchlight's corporate sibling, has an unabashedly conservative political stance. It's home to a number of pundits that rely on jingoism and masked xenophobism as a matter of course. Meanwhile, Fox Searchlight is promoting a film about a family of illegal immigrants trying to stay afloat in the USA. Needless to say, it's openly sympathetic to their struggles... It just goes to show: It's not about left-wing or right-wing. It's all about the almighty dollar, people.

Indeed it is. And, what Underlider forgot to mention is that the Mexican government financed the movie. The same government that profits from illegal immigration financed propaganda designed to make illegal activity acceptable. And, countless hacks have gladly served as useful idiots for them or worse.

Also, every hack knows the correct word is "xenophobia", not "xenophobism". The last doesn't even appear to be a real word.

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