Tim Padgett's dishonest look at illegal immigration ("Paraiso Travel" movie)

Tim Padgett of Time Magazine offers "An Honest Look at Illegal Immigration", about yet another pro-illegal immigration movie, this one called "Paraiso Travel" and starring John Leguizamo:

...Immigration cranks like Lou Dobbs, but also the immigration advocates he lambastes, would do well to stop the cable cacophony for a couple hours and see this movie when it hits U.S. screens. "I wanted to make a film that makes Latin Americans think twice about traveling to the U.S. illegally," says its Colombian-born director, Simon Brand, "but one that also makes Americans think twice about how these people are treated once they get here." He scores on both counts. Adapted from the novel by Colombian author Jorge Franco, Paraiso Travel (paraiso is Spanish for "paradise") makes you consider the darker consequences of open borders and closed minds alike.

That's all well and good, but the bottom for Time Magazine remains the bottom line: pretend to be balanced, but at the end of the day end up supporting illegal activity, such as by calling Lou Dobbs a "crank" and the other questionable statements Padgett makes in the article.

Two other recent propaganda efforts are described in "Under the Same Moon": Mexican-government funded pro-illegal immigration propaganda film and Linda Ellerbee's pro-illegal immigration propaganda for kids (Nickelodeon).


_..."but one that also makes Americans think twice about how these people are treated once they get here."_ They get jobs and their kids go to school. Many cities offer sanctuary, so if they do have contact with law enforcement, a lot of the time there are no consequences; when there are, many are given a court date and asked to show up before being released (i.e. adios suckers). The only thing missing is a visit from Welcome Wagon [1]

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Welcome_Wagon