Mexican consulate in Boise pushed by Mexico-linked activists

The Mexican government has apparently applied to the U.S. State Department to open a new consulate in Boise, Idaho, and they might have already rented office space. This followed a petition drive which garnered 10,000 signatures in support of the new consulate.

At least two of those pushing the scheme have links to the Mexican government.

The first mentioned in the article is Lucio Prado of Boise. He has a radio show (link) and has or had some involvement with an Acapulco restaurant (link). He also serves on the board of the Catholic Charities of Idaho (link). And, from this:

SALT LAKE CITY-- The Local Council of Mexicans Abroad West of the Rockies was formed on September 17 in Salt Lake City. The Council is part of the Mexican Consulate. The formation of the council was attended by 45 advisors or community leader from the four states that are covered by the Mexican Consulate - Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Representing Idaho were Lucio Prado, Juan Jose Mena and Juanita Gonzalez of Boise, Rafael Ortiz of Nampa and Esperanza Taylor of Caldwell.

Gonzalez is also noted as one of those involved in the petition drive. There's local opposition from Republican Congressmen Bill Sali and possibly Mike Simpson, but it might not be enough.


Don't tell me, that Idaho is part of the lost lands of mexico? once more this is not a nation its a business deal, what can't you get about that? the system is totally corrupted by third world rulers, oh well maybe you have the third world coming.

Ah Radio show, no doubt owned by a giant corporate media company & McCain Feingold donor supporter/beneficiary.

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