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What % of France would want to be like you? MT @lynn_weiser RT @bocavista2016: THE ISLAMIC WORLD Welcomes it's newest country #France
.@Eapes1Eapes: I missed your reply. Did @bocavista2016 post a completely made up pic of a tweet designed to smear @JakeTapper, yes or no?
.@Eapes1Eapes: thanks for calling out @bocavista2016:
.@Eapes1Eapes: @bocavista2016 bore false witness about Jake Tapper (the photoshopped tweet you replied to.Is that the Christian thing to do?
Terrorism is great for Trump! MT @SheeitDawg RT @bocavista2016: THAT face you make when you realize pressure cookers just cost you election
.@bocavista2016: 99% of Americans have never heard of the Crusades, but to most Muslims it was yesterday.
.@Denlewis01 @bocavista2016: would Trump taking Iraq's oil have any side-effects that you can think of, or would it all work out? #Trump2016