Don't want John McCain? Ask him this question.

If you don't want John McCain to be the GOP nominee, ask him this question, and then upload his response to Youtube,,, and other sites.

The script is after the video:

Senator McCain:

Your Hispanic outreach director is a former cabinet-level official in the Mexican government.

He promotes a "free flow of people" between the U.S. and Mexico.

He wants Mexican immigrants to the U.S. to "think Mexico first".

I'm sure you wouldn't ask Vicente Fox to do outreach to U.S. voters on your behalf.

But, the person doing outreach to U.S. voters for you was until 2002 an official in the Mexican government working directly with Vicente Fox.

Please explain what sort of message you're trying to send to U.S. voters.


Unfortunately, like everything else, McCain will just refuse to answer. He already gave that bogus dodge "I make policy, he doesn't" answer, and I think that's as good as we're going to get out of him.

McCain's answer "I will not deport the mother of a soldier serving in Iraq!" dammit!! (The dammit part is mine)