Bennett Roth/Houston Chronicle helps John McCain mislead about amnesty (New Hampshire, save us!)

Bennett Roth of the Houston Chronicle offers "Immigration isn't setback for McCain/Polls show he's rebounding after his earlier stance on volatile issue". The article merges two MSM memes: a) allow John McCain and others to make misleading statements about their positions and b) discuss voter questions without asking the candidates any follow-ups.

The first was on display from Anderson Cooper at the CNN/Youtube debate and from both Ron Claiborne of ABC News and Peter Canellos of the Boston Globe.

As for the current article:
When John McCain opened up a town hall meeting here for questions on Friday, someone immediately asked if he favored pardoning illegal immigrants.

The GOP presidential contender, who has been harshly criticized for backing a comprehensive immigration plan that was rejected by Congress last summer, denied he supported an amnesty. He said he first would secure the country's borders, then create a temporary workers program for illegal immigrants.

With that answer the audience, comprised of employees of BAE Systems, a military contractor, quickly moved on.

While the hot-button immigration issue had threatened to sink McCain's campaign six months ago, it still dogs him but no longer appears to be a major liability in the final days before Tuesday's first-in-the-nation primary here.
It would be a "major liability" if MSM hacks like Bennett Roth would do their job by pointing out that McCain is playing word games. Whatever he wants to call his scheme, it would have been perceived by millions of prospective illegal aliens as amnesty, with predictable results. All the other downsides of McCain's past and present plans could then be pointed out. When faced with tough questions from those who are familiar with this issue, McCain's popularity would plummet.

Hopefully those in New Hampshire will ask better questions that can't simply be answered by his stock speech. If you're in the area, ask him a question like this. If you're not in the area, please encourage those who are to ask better questions.


Here's a question I'd like McCain to answer: "Cigarette?"

I still remember that debate where they lamely asked all the candidates if they supported amnesty and McCain's exact words were 'Of course not.' To which the other candidates or moderator should have responded with a SPIT TAKE! By McCain's definition, if you add *any* required action, however trivial, to the sovereign's waiving its right to deport, it's no longer amnesty. 'Of course' he's against amnesty, but does McCain support an indistinguishable from amnesty whateveryouwannacallitabanana? Well, 'of course' he does, still does despite what he's now saying about hearing the people, and always will. I hope people see through the charade. It's not exactly difficult.

McCain is a traitor...why high in New hampshire.??? because many of the loony left have left MA and moved to New Hampshire....Any idiot who believes him when he says it was not Amnesty is either stupid or has been away on Mars for the last two years!!! If he is the candidate -I will stay home.