NYT: Tom Tancredo has no teeth

Would you put it past the New York Times to try to subliminally program their visitors to think ill of those who oppose their support for illegal immigration? (All five of you who think the NYT wouldn't stoop that low should read NYT: Toothless yokels against Senate immigration grand compromise! and its follow-up about Clark Hoyt).

The latest possible attempt comes in the candidate pictures at The Caucus (thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com). Alone among the pictures, that of Tom Tancredo makes him look like a) he's missing teeth, and b) he's a village idiot:

new york times the caucus

While most of the rest have big, toothy smiles, Kucinich does come a bit close. However, his picture makes him look more jolly than idiotic.


That's right, the media dictates who is "top-tier" and who isn't. If you think it's based on polls you have cause and effect reversed. Good robot. You wouldn't want to "waste your vote" on the candidate you actually favor, would you?

I remember an article mentioning that Tancredo has been approached by many people who love his position on immigration but usually have another Presidential candidates' name pinned on their chest. The reality is that having only one winning position on a major issue that resonates with the voting public is NOT going to win you the Presidency. I believe that bringing back the United States to its former glory is much more important than the illegal immigration issue. Unfortunately,I have not seen any candidate that would fit some of my ideals such as having a candidate that actually has a solid plan for; -A plan for Fiscal responsibility in getting rid of the 9 trillion dollar debt -End the Iraq engagement responsibly & effectively.[Withdrawal or not,just do SOMETHING] -Repair our broken image on the world stage. -Fix the problem in our schools with our children failing in classes everyday.[A good way might be to impose school uniforms or a free tertiary education anywhere in the country for those in the top 10% of their graduating class] -Finally,fix the damn illegal immigration mess that has been going on for so long.It is even older than I am.

LWO, Not to thread-jack, but I thought you might find this interesting. http://tinyurl.com/399b63

If Illegal Immigration is NOT halted we won't have to worry about all that other stuff cuz we won't have a country anymore!!!! On the bright side!!! I LOVE THIS GUY!!! GO SHERIFF!! GO!!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arrests ACLU Legal Director

Are you blaming Tancredo's lackuster performance on a picture that's .5"x.5? I would blame it on his lack of a platform.

I've heard Tancredo talk on various issues and I agree with most. let's face it, the media and corporate America picks our frontrunners...which is one good reason to avoid them!

From Tom Tacredo's Campaign Website: "Illegal aliens threaten our economy and undermine our culture. While our brave soldiers risk their lives to protect us overseas, our political elites lack the courage to defend us at home." I wonder if he's aware that the first American Soldier to die in Iraq was an illegal from Nicaragua. Or that all 3 branches of the military advertise on all-spanish television.