DCCC wants citizen informers to videotape "Macaca moments" (smears, not policy)

Showing just how sleazy and incompetent the Democratic Party is, their Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wants people to go to campaign events and - rather than ask tough questions about policy - help them craft smears [1]:
With 2008 fast approaching, the DCCC is urgently mobilizing our Rapid Responders to be our eyes and ears on the campaign trail. Our goal is to make sure that every time -- anywhere in America -- when a Republican crosses the line with one of their attacks, someone is there to capture it... The next time a Republican has a 'Macaca Moment,' will you be there to capture it? The power to hold Republicans accountable for their lies, distortions, and attacks belongs to you.
Then, they want the smears to be uploaded to Youtube and a link sent to them.

If the Dems wanted to do a public service, they'd suggest what I've been urging for almost a year:

1. Go to campaign appearances and ask tough questions about policy, specifically immigration (Examples here, here, and here).
2. Upload and promote the response.

The fact that they only want smears indicates how childish and unworthy of setting policy they are.

I left the following comment on their video [2] (featuring the graphic "Will you catch the next one"); it has to be approved and I might have oversold it too much so I don't know if it will be or not:
I should also add that there's no age requirement, so you children are encouraged to join in! Also, your parents might talk in their sleep and they might say something really juicy, so be sure to keep recording at all times!

If you recall, that's how they caught Rep. Tom Parsons [3].
11/08/07 UPDATE: The video was added October 29, and it's been featured by Youtube in their politics section for several days. They've even featured it in their non-U.S. politics sections. After almost 10,000 views, it only has two comments: "hold their feet to the fire!!" and "GOOD FOR YOU FOR GETTING THEM!!!!" I assume a) every other comment left was negative, and b) they don't know what "sock puppet" means.

[1] dccc.org/rapid_response_network/caughtontape (cached locally)
[2] youtube.com/watch?v=hSWTNefIhUw
[3] www.itiscannizzaro.net/Ianni/booksweb/sito1984/papers/characters.htm


Sadly "macaca moment" videos are far more popular than "absurd non-answers to critical question moment [1]" videos.

[1] age-of-treason.blogspot.com/2007/09/invasion-evasion.html

system the really hates Americans.

You Don't NEED to ask republican politicians tough questions. Just let tem sart spinning their wheels, and they'll expose themselves for the fear-mongering hate-spewing hacks tha they are.