Joe Klein of Time Magazine explicitly supports illegal immigration

It'd be great if every pundit was so forthright about their support for massive illegal activity. Here's Joe Klein of Time Magazine coming out explicitly in favor of illegal immigration [1]:
It's long been my belief that the GOP hole card in 2008 is going to be a rancid furriner-bashing anti-illegal-immigrant smear campaign. Make no mistake, whatever lipstick they put on this pig, the bottom line is the same old know-nothing nativism that has been a minor American stain since the Protestants began to get worried about the Irish Catholic surge in the 1840s (among some of our earliest settlers, the only acceptable immigrants were slaves).

I tend to be an extremist on this issue. I am wildly in favor of immigration, legal and illegal. I realize that national security--i.e. terrorism--requires that we secure the borders, and that's a good thing, if almost impossible. But as a New Yorker, I'm deeply grateful to the immigrants, many of them illegal, who saved the city by bringing commerce (and sales tax revenues) to some of the toughest neighborhoods in the 1970s and 1980s...
I left the following comment:
"furriner"? What other regional dialects would Joe Klein feel free at mocking? Please, provide us with a list.

It's good to hear Klein explicitly coming out in support of massive illegal activity. By so doing, he's also a supporter of all it entails and implies: massive government corruption, identity theft, political power inside the U.S. for foreign governments, and so on.

And, of course, there are huge differences between then and now. For instance, 58% of Mexicans think the U.S. southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico. That's not true of past groups. There are many other differences as well.

And, of course, Klein is engaging in a logical fallacy: just because some opponents of illegal activity might be racist doesn't mean that opposition to illegal activity is necessarily racist, as much as supporters of illegal activity like Klein would like it to be.

Should Time Magazine continue to employ someone who explicitly states his support for massive illegal activity? Write them and let them know what you think.

P.S. A partial list of recent Joe Klein lies is here [2].
[1] time-blog . com/swampland/2007/10/the_gop_in_2008_1.html
[2] time-blog . com/swampland/2007/10/gop_debate_1.html (do a find for "recap")


Every time a "journalist", blogger or politician mouths the Immigration Restrictionism = Racism meme, 10,000 people join NumbersUSA. All I can say is keep it up Joe.

Ever notice how these self-proclaimed anti-racists hypocritically use (white) racial put-downs themselves? They also imply that all people for rule of law are low class heathens. Their tone is condescending, elitist, arrogant. Out of touch with reality--send them to Cudahy or Maywood and let them crap their pants.

the joke is anti-racists are always total racists, this guy is only one of millions.

Joe Klein isn't White, he's a Jew [1]. So when he puts down White people it isn't self-loathing, it's just plain old racism. Which is fine with me, because I'm a racist too. I don't much like Latinos or Jews, because both groups overwhelming favor open borders because both groups think that it benefits their groups. That's the reality of this immigration invasion. Racism is a fact of human nature. Whites who bend over backwards not to be racists are fools. People like Klein who deliberately and hypocritically fan that foolishness are far worse. His crime is much worse than simple racism. He favors genocide of races he doesn't like. He wants Whites flooded into extinction. That's why he couldn't care less about little things like massive corruption or logical fallacy.


He's also a part of the mainstream media ...and they never met an illegal alien they didn't love!! MS-13, drunk drivers,robbers, killers, drug dealers, carriers of TB and other diseases A-OKay with them because they CARE!!!! (PUKE!)

_Joe Klein isn't White, he's a Jew._ If you look at the Jews currently in the Senate, collectively they are very 'open borders' on immigration votes. While it isn't widely known today, and is even somewhat taboo as a subject, disproportionate involvement of Jews (most of whom were Communists) in the unrest that toppled the German Kaiser (which didn't exactly help the German effort in WWI) created the perception that Jews were traitors, or at least working against the national interest, and was the main reason the Nazis were so anti-Semitic. Anyway, Klein's piece is childish, but typical of today's NYT and its (editorial) decline; such crusading for \'diversity\' [1] has a corrupting influence. BTW, have you seen what\'s going on with their stock price [2]? Anyway, nothing you say will change his mind.


I'd be interested to know where Joe Klein lives. I doubt it's anywhere near a area that's been inundated by illegals.

Tanstaafl, Come on guy, I seriously hope most of what you said was tongue in cheek. As far as Joe Klein is concerned. I would say that more than anything his views are consistent with membership in the exclusive the upper class Washington cocktail set. His views are typical of the upper class limousine liberal/Rockafeller Republican world view. Most of what you said about Jews could be said about the Catholic Hierarchy, however polls are now showing the vast majority Catholic do not agree with their senior clergy's Open Border position on immigration matters. Increasingly the same can be said for most Jews. NumbersUSA has a number of pdfs explaining how and why leaders of our all major Religions favor Open Borders positions that are in stark contrast to the far more moderate if not immigration restrictionist views of their respective followers.

The catholic church wants them so they can abuse them without fear of retribution or high cash settlements! Then they don't have to move the pedophiles around they can just move the Illegals around....Comprende???

Lynching is a great idea for this little rat..tanstaafi is right. what we need are millions of real people telling the truth.