Liberal or Conservative? A primer with videos

Conservatives believe in authority, an almost mathematically-based order, efficiency, and reason:

On the other hand, liberals (called in more extreme cases "progressives" or "socialists") substitute reason for pure emotionalism. They enjoy dressing up as fairy tale characters and similar and engaging in historical re-creations; they believe in faerie sprites, hobgoblins, and elves. They also tend to have higher voices. And, they enjoy long walks through the woods engaging in interpretive dance:



If conservatives believe in "reason," they wouldn't be so obsessed with Christianity. And liberals worship fantasy creatures? Laughable.

You equate conservatives with Christians . Thanks for providing a good example of flawed liberal reasoning. Reason and faith are two separate and complementary things. Without either one a person is crippled. Einstein put it this way: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."