Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Captain's Quarters call for "real" "debates"

Mike Huckabee has sent a letter to Fred Thompson challenging him to a series of "Lincoln Douglas-styled debates". This follows Thompson telling Sean Hannity that the current debates are "not designed really to illuminate people's thoughts and feelings". If your meter hasn't yet pegged, "Cap'n Ed" supports the idea.

A clue to how this would be like the previous debates is offered by a commentor:

As soon as folks understand where Huckabee REALLY comes from on illegal immigration, he'll be done.

And, there's the rub. I doubt whether Huckabee would bring up the subject, and the experience of the past debates shows that the moderators would only ask superficial questions. And, I tend to doubt that Thompson would try to end Huckabee's political career by pressing him too hard on the subject. And, it was pointing out the "Captain" failed to press The Huckster on immigration that got me banned from his site.

We definitely need a new debate format, but I don't think we're going to get it from any of the cast mentioned above.

I've outlined a far better idea here, with another idea here. That would assure that immigration matters are treated to the degree they deserve, instead of the MSM and candidates having an unwritten understanding not to press too hard.

Even better, as indicated here many times before, go to campaign appearances and ask tough questions and then upload the answers to video sharing sites.


The globalist elites will keep telling us how popular the pro-immigration candidates are right up until election day. Then their lies will be clear, because the only ones showing up to vote will be the invaders. They pine to silence truly R candidates with unique ideas, like Tancredo and Paul, while they boost the RINO McRudy twins and fall in love with Thompson before they even know what his positions are. Smart. For this crappy disservice to our society they are rewarded with fame and fortune. No wonder we get so much of it.