George Stephanopoulos/ABC Democratic "debate": no immigration questions

What is George Stephanopoulos of ABC News trying to hide from his viewers? Obviously, one thing he's trying to hide is a grown-up discussion of immigration matters: neither August 5's GOP "debate" nor today's Democratic debate featured any questions about immigration. There's not a single instance of "immig*", "undocumented", or "aliens" in the whole transcript (link).

Immigration is where almost all of the candidates are weakest, and it's a salient issue to millions of Americans. Yet, Stephanapolos refuses to discuss it. Why?

The next time you see someone like a journalism professor or newspaper editor pretending that MSM reporters are anything other than hacks and propagandists, ask them about this point: why won't Stephanopolos discuss this issue?


_Immigration is where almost all of the candidates are weakest,..._ I guess 'weakness' depends on your point of view. Anyway, as you've noticed few of the candidates are eager to discuss it. The drubbing of the Senate amnesty was noticed, but because of the racial/ethnic aspect it is also not easy for any of the mainstream candidates to come out forcefully against amnesty and illegal immigration. Especially Democrats, who are so used to pandering to non-whites.

It Is Obvious That The Only People The Illegals Don't Help are the Voters. The Liberals Pander the Illegals for the votes and rhe republicans Pander The Business Community for The Campaign Money.

George S lives in a bubble. What illegals???? What border??? We are the world!!!

Yes Mary is right this government think's and acts just like a government of the people of the world, but stop most people in this world hate Americans and want us all dead, so whats up with the political pigs? well most in congress are in fact Aliens from all over this good earth and hate anything that is a real American.