Adam Nagourney: Mike Huckabee is a laugh a minute

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times offers a completely sympathetic profile of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee entitled "For a Joke-Telling Candidate, a Second-Place Finish". Here's one of those fun jokes:

Or consider this, as he invited Republicans to join in "a Q. and A." with him in West Des Moines. "What it really stands for is questions and avoidance," he explained. "I do my best not to say anything that would end my political career."

Of course, if Nagourney were actually doing his job, instead of wasting the NYT's readers' time with lame jokes, he would have tried to ask The Huckster some tough questions and made sure he didn't avoid answering them. Of course, that assumes that Nagourney's real job is as a journalist; more than likely his real job is to support hacks like Huckabee who support massive illegal immigration. Nagourney's bosses would probably reassign him to the Alaska beat if he actually dared to look into and ask Huck about his past immigration-related statements and actions.

A question for Nagourney: eventually citizen journalists are going to start asking the tough questions you refuse to ask and completely bypassing the NYT. What happens to your career then?

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Mike Huckabee has stood for a secure border and has said legislation means nothing without strict enforcement of the border. Even smear vids posted by Tancrado's campaign show him telling supporters that illegal immigrants would not only have to leave but would have to pay fines and restitution on top of the regular process of becoming a legal resident and thus protects legal immigrants from having their spot in line taken. I could not disagree with your interpretation of Mike's immigration platform. However I appreciate that you blog on conservative issues and bring attention to what is important for our country. If you have any substantive data on Huckabee being for illegal immigration I would be glad to see it. Thank you

Huckabee opposes enforcement of immigration laws. I think that means he supports illegal immigration, right?

There's a search box at the top right of each page. I've been discussing Huckabee's various pro-illegal immigration actions for at least a couple years now. I put some of his actions in video form [1]; see also the comment from keeparkansaslegal at that link.


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