Kelly Cobiella, illegal immigration supporting hack (DREAM Act)

On yesterday's CBS Evening News, Kelly Cobiella offered a slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda entitled "Teens Lobby Hill For New Immigration Bill" (link) about the two illegal alien brothers pushing for the anti-American DREAM Act. See the story from Tim Padgett of Time for the background on the case, and see the other posts in this category for other very similar articles promoting that Act.

If Cobiella were a real journalist she would have dealt with this story from a public policy perspective rather than the human interest treatment that she gave it, including trying her best to make the viewers sympathetic to their cause.

It also includes this ludicrous statement:

"To help these brothers, but more importantly to help so many others, because we finally put a face on the problem," Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., told the teens.

Supporters of the DREAM Act have planted dozens of reports "finally put[ting] a face on the problem" for years. In Cobiella's defense, she does include half a sentence and a quote from Brian Bilbray indicating that some might actually oppose the Act, but in no case is this report anything other than propaganda.

You can contact CBS News here:



Hey dude, Love your blog has all the contact info for all the FLA senators and reps regarding Juan & Alex Gomez...also, join the facebook group Deport Juan Gomez

Another "face"? Geeeez...the face of another illegal alien. Like we need one or two more faces to add to the 12-20 million other faces! DEPORT THEM and make them stand in line behind the millions of others waiting to come here LEGALLY! Too bad Juan's parents aren't as "smart" as Juan. They would have seen this coming...and it's aboout time.

I am curious about something in the Dream Act. If an exception is made for someone like Juan Gomez and he is given LPR status or citizenship, upon turning 18 can he then sponsor his illegal alien parents for LPR status? I.e., does the Dream Act transform these illegal kids into 'anchor adolescents' who can then serve as anchors to chain migration? If so, the anti-amnesty congressmen might want to propose an amendment which would preclude Dream Act beneficiary chain migration. Otherwise you're not just rewarding the so-called 'innocent victims' but the not so innocent parents with a back door amnesty and creating even more incentive for illegal immigration.

amanda, any LPR has the same rights as any other LPR. So does any citizen, naturalized or native-born, except that only a native-born citizen can become POTUS. HOWEVER, it is mostly naturalized citizens who are able to determine whom we allow into the US via family re-unification. Native-born citizens are extremely unlikely to have parents, siblings, and adult children who are not likewise native-born. The one exception is anchor babies, that is, children born to non-citizen parents who may have other children who are born in another country. What this means is that we are allowing people who have the least time as citizens and who are often still citizens of their native countries (naturalized US citizens can often keep dual citizenship) to have more say in "who we are" than people whose ancestors fought our wars, paid decades of taxes, built the US into the power it is today, and owe allegiance to no other country. Is this smart? Truthfully the likelihood of any person becoming POTUS is so small that being able to determine who gets into the US is actually a much more important right than being able to run for POTUS.

YES. Any illegal alien given legal status CAN sponsor another illegal alien to become legal...once they turn 21 (not 18) and so the chain continues. No end in sight. Stop amnesty, Dream Act, chain migration NOW!

"DEPORT THEM and make them stand in line behind the millions of others waiting to come here LEGALLY!" For your information not everybody came here ILLEGALLY. A lot of immigrants came here legally. However, after staying for longer than allowed, they became illegal. The children who were brought here had no idea that they were going to be put in this position. It angers me to see people pick on these young children as if they were criminals. We have Americans here committing murders every day, and even they are given better rights than these people who came here to find a better life, and most importantly, to give their children a better life. "Otherwise you're not just rewarding the so-called 'innocent victims' but the not so innocent parents with a back door amnesty and creating even more incentive for illegal immigration." There are TWELVE MILLION illegal immigrants here. Yeah, it would be great to just say "Hey! Let's kick them all out!!" You know what's going to happen to America's economy? It's going to have a huge downfall. Let's face it. It's not that easy to throw 12 million people out of this country. Out of those 12 million people only about 300,000 are eligible for the DREAM Act, and only about 235,000 are actually going to receive the benefits. Humanity is the best thing that the world can have. Because of people being closed minded and ignorant, things such as racism, prejudice, and war surface. We need to learn from our past mistakes and not let history repeat itself. Innocent kids, and yes, they ARE INNOCENT, shouldn't be punished for the wrong doing of their parents. Maybe some will use their legal status in order to make their parents legal as well, HOWEVER, that would take about 10 years.

"Humanity is the best thing that the world can have.' If "humanity" was all they wnted...fine, but they want our land, our social services, our tax money, our children to deal their drugs to, our women to rape, our highways to kill our citizens, our schools to teach spanish to our kids our EVERYTHING they can get for free! SEND THEM HOME ALONG WITH THEIR CRIMINAL PARENTS! you can go too if you like : )