Howard Dean: "By God, we're going to get up... to the Promised Land"

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Delivering the welcoming address at this year's YearlyKos convention, Chairman Dean (Dr. Gov. Howard Dean, M.D. to those not part of The Collective) ended with the following:

"America was knocked down by the far-right wing of the Republican Party for the last eight years and by God we're going to get up and recover and stand up for what we used to stand up for... we're going to regain the moral leadership that made America a great country and we're going to live again in an America and stand up [inaudible] to the Promised Land. Thank you very much."

Addressing an audience of Secular Progressives (as they say), one wonders how Howie's religious imagery got such wild applause. Perhaps the KoolAid had been spiked with more KoolAid. I note also that Bush is neither "far-right" nor has he been president for eight years.

(The image is of Howie on the giant TV screen for those in the back of the hall. It probably wasn't necessary since there were at most 1400 people at the entire convention. From


Cropper that is great, thank you.

It makes sense if you translate from Progressivese into English. By "God" he means "Money" and by "Promised Land" he means "White House".

"Yes tanstaafi", it also means 40 million third world people welcome here with 100 million more on the way. don't be fooled the system is owned by others who hate our freedoms, buy guns.

thank you tanstaafl for the article called "the town the law forgot", it tell's it all about the coming hispanic rule ( read one world troops ) of this nation and the mass murder of freedom and laws. and we all know the end game being played in front of us all.

Howard baby would have been closer to reality if he had said they are going to live again and stand up in the land of Nod. This is where Cain was sent after he murdered his brother. So after the "Progressives" have murdered the Constitution,and all the grand traditions of our country they will hopefully go to Nod in a swinging basket.

Dean is too deranged to realize that Bush is a domestic Big Government liberal and in foreign policy a Wilsonian internationalist. How else do you explain the Bush-Kennedy plan to nationalize education through NCLB? How else do you explain his creation of a massive new entitlement program in the form of the Medicare Prescription Drug Act? How else do you explain how, when he tried to place his unqualified and philosophically opaque crony Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court, he tried to intimidate the conservative opponents of this absurd nomination by using the leftist language of anti-discrimation and accusing them of being "anti-woman"? And then, of course, his record of nonenforcement of immigration laws compounded by the almost fanatical determination he exhibited when attempting to pass mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders via the so-called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". You can't call someone a conservative who seeks to destroy his own nation. In Iraq he has chosen to pursue a utopian policy that seeks to transform the Iraq(and ,in fact, the whole Muslim ME) into a polity resembling Dean's home state of Vermont. Utopian social engineering is by definition anti-conservative.