Rep. Luis Gutierrez still promoting immigration "reform" (and serf labor)

Rep. Luis Gutierrez ("El Payaso"; D-IL) offers "Congress should restart immigration reform process". Even his co-author of the STRIVE Act, Jeff Flake, says their bill is dead. But, whether he knows that and is just playing to his base or whether he actually thinks it has a chance, he's keeping on keeping on:
As most people who are familiar with the legislative process understand, being against something is easy. Embracing heated political rhetoric is easy. Pandering to conservative radio hosts and playing into people's fears is easy.

You know what is not easy, and what was often overlooked during the debate, is the struggle and sacrifice of the immigrant who gets up at the crack of dawn each morning to go take care of someone else's kids, or the young father working the midnight shift on a cleaning crew, or the woman picking vegetables in oppressive heat for 12 hours a day. You know what is not easy is worrying each day that your husband will not come home from work or that you will be swept up in a raid and your U.S. citizen children will be left helpless and alone.
Talk radio sure got under their skin, didn't it? Note also that in this context, "immigrant" means "illegal alien", because that's who 'reform" is targetting. And, as he did before, Gutierrez is in effect supporting low-wage workers working in undesirable conditions.

He goes on to mislead and display how he's not doing his job:
Let's start with Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). He is on record as saying "if it hurts the bill, I'm for it." Let's put aside the fact that he was trying to hurt our efforts to add thousands of additional border agents and create the most robust employment verification system in our nation's history, and that he was effectively advocating for the horrific status quo of porous borders, workplace discrimination and exploitation and the continued destruction of families.
Obviously, the bill did much more than Gutierrez lists above, and those parts (the massive amnesty for instance) were what DeMint was opposed to. And, Gutierrez could do something about the negatives in the last sentence... by opposing illegal immigration. Instead, he supports illegal immigration, and I think we know why:
First, we must better organize and mobilize our immigrant community and our true allies. We need to redouble our efforts to naturalize immigrants, register them to vote and turn them out on Election Day. Immigrants will remember who stood with them for fairness and justice and will elect leaders and representatives who stand for border security, economic vitality and family unity.
In brief, Democrat Luis Gutierrez is willing to put better working conditions and his oath to support our laws aside, just as long as he can get votes out of the deal.


Hey anyone withhalf a brain knows these hispanic politicians want only to continue to colonize the US and make it the new MEXICO!!!! Third world hell -hole is a -okay with them!!

"First, we must better organize and mobilize our immigrant community and our true allies. We need to redouble our efforts to naturalize immigrants, register them to vote and turn them out on Election Day". Gutierrez (No one is going to tell me LaRaza (The Race)is not racist nor that their not registering illegals to vote. Congress continues to give them millions every year, even though they despise Americans)Alex "We have an aging white Americam.... They are dying....They are**** in their pants with fear! I love it. We're a new mestizo nation". We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if worst comes to worst, we have got to kill him." "Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes". -Professor Jose Angel Gutierrza, -Founding Member and Ex-president of La Raza(the race) Unida Party. -National Council of LaRaza's(the race) Chicano Hero Award in 1994.

If you disagree with Luis and are for limits to immigration in any shape or form he will call you out for your 'negative tone'.

alex the enemy is here the Enemies of freedom hate one thing the facts, we as Americans will someday soon be forced to fight against a Government that is owned by Our Enemies.

I agree Fred. Check out alipac. I think you'll fit right in with this determined group of Americans.