Sens. Feinstein, Cornyn criticize Border Patrol agents prosection (Ramos/Compean)

Neither Feinstein (AgJobs) nor Cornyn (curious NAU-related legislation) are on the pro-borders side, so I'm not about to give them a medal for this, but:

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee criticized the 12- and 11-year prison sentences given to ex-agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, respectively. And they strongly questioned federal prosecutors' decision to charge the pair with using a weapon during the commission of a crime โ€” a 10-year penalty that most often is used against drug dealers and other criminals, not law enforcement officers obliged to carry guns as part of their jobs... "This really is a case of prosecutorial ... overreaction in charging," said Feinstein.

A statement from Cornyn is here.


They could have done a way better investigation and hearing, the whole thing was a charade. I would have subpeona'd the judge and grilled the head of ICE too. Difi Q: "How many reported shooting indicents in 2006 were there when the suspects got away?" Ice: Uh...........hmmm uh none? Difi Q: so there were no agent shootings in 2006 where the suspects got away? Ice: Uh...........hmmm Difi Q: So really shooting incidents where the suspects got away are generally not reported & investigated? Ice: Uh...........hmmm Difi Q: So you did an indepth shooting investigation of the Ramos & Compean incident, conducted a search for the perp's gun and recovered all the slugs shot by Ramos & Compean? Ice: Uh...........hmmm Difi to US atty Q: So you were working with the Mexican govt, state dept? US Atty: Uh...........hmmm Difi to US atty Q: And you're working with the Mexican govt to investigate the smugglers who provided the 1000LBS of marijuana? US Atty: Uh...........hmmm Difi to US atty Q: And you confirmed that the Mexican police throughly investigated mr Davila & his drug contacts & determined that he doesn't own a gun, have a criminal record and has assets commensurate with a poor peasant coyote freelance smuggler? US Atty: Uh...........hmmm Difi to US Homeland security Q: I believe we have the capability to monitor all the cell phone calls in the border correct? And you have records of Mr. Davila's calls and whom he called and when? Uh...........hmmm Difi to judge Q: Where you contacted by the executuve office, state dept, homeland security in regards to this case? Did they urge, advise, recommend you disallow certain evidence? Were you told the officers were out to shoot some Mexicans?