Mexico-linked Peter Schey advises new sanctuary movement, helps prosecute BP agent

Emily Bazar of USA Today offers "Illegal immigrants find refuge in holy places", all about the "new sanctuary movement" in which churches take in illegal aliens in an example of far-left false compassion. She writes:

But Peter Schey, the lawyer advising the sanctuary movement and president of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Los Angeles, says the churches are within the law. He advises congregations that they're not guilty of harboring if the immigrants aren't in hiding and have active cases pending to legalize their status.

What she fails to note is that Schey has at least three links to the Mexican goverment.

Nicholas Riccardi of the Los Angeles Times - in addition to refering to illegal aliens as "immigrants" - does the same in "Border Patrol shooting underscores peril on both sides":

Peter Schey, executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Los Angeles, represents the three witnesses to the shooting [of an alleged illegal alien by Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett near Bisbee, Arizona], and said that a more restrained Border Patrol might be a good thing... "Violence along the border is an epidemic, and it's not just the smugglers," Schey said. "It's also the Border Patrol themselves. They're just extremely quick to use deadly force."

Other "reporters" who've failed to note Schey's links include: Randal Archibold, Teresa Watanabe, Peter Prengaman, and Martha Mendoza.

Returning to the "new sanctuary movement" article:

It is illegal to harbor illegal immigrants or shield them from detection, says Charles Kuck, president-elect of the [American Immigration Lawyers Association]. Penalties include stiff fines and prison sentences. Providing shelter to an illegal immigrant could be interpreted as breaking that law, he says. "If I were going to advise a church, I would tell them not to do this."

And, of course, Emily Bazar acts only as a transcriptionist and fails to question what she's told:

"We don't accept a broken law that causes separation of families," says Richard Estrada, an associate pastor at Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Los Angeles. "We will protect families, those in danger of being separated... We're doing what we think is the right, moral thing to do."

The laws aren't "broken", and what's causing the "separation of families" is people coming here illegally and expecting it to work out OK. And, I'm sure lots of people have mistakenly thought they were doing the "right, moral thing" when in fact they were making the situation far worse.


It's time to have the police raid these churches. Why is the government just sitting there are letting them get away with this?

"Violence along the border is an epidemic, and it's not just the smugglers," Schey said. " But it IS just the smugglers, idiot. Both drug and human smugglers are breaking the law and putting lives in jeopardy. The Border Patrol RESPONDS to the threat which the smugglers CREATE.

Fairly typical. They've failed to get amnesty so now let's pretend that we can pick and choose what laws we obey. Hit the sanctuary churches where they'll hurt most: in the pocketbook. Lift their tax-free status so that they are taxed (income, property, sales taxes) and so that the contributions going to them are not tax-deductable. After all, they are engaging in politics and so have put their tax-free status at risk. This is the answer. The vast wealth that religion has piled up in this country is helped largely by us citizens paying the taxes that they don't while they get services that these taxes pay for (fire, police, etc) not to mention the services that these illegal immigrants use (schools, health care, etc).

Well said, D Flinchum. Excellent approach. Only I don't anticipate adequate congressional support for this before 2008, so we must keep reminding them. Hopefully they will deal with both sanctuary churches and sanctuary cities in the same manner. Go after their money. Tax them, or withold their federal funding. From the enforcement side, I personally think Bush is so po'd about not getting his amnesty, that what marginal enforcement he provided before, just evaporated when the senate bill was killed. Would he actually veto any future enforcement only bills that congress could deliver? Will he ever deport Elvira? Not sure. I do think we will see zero employer fines or prosecutions, and even less border enforcement from him. We will be on our own, as usual, except for what the States can muster in their own self defense.

We are assuming that the government wishes to uphold the law. Until Bush is gone the law will be defied. Chert-off -his rocker will continue his incompetent pursuit of the perfect head of lettuce for his taco.

EllisWyatt you must be new to the fact, that the Government is in the hands of the third world rulers the cop's are from third world counties and want this nation to become Mexico or some third world hell. this so called human rights thing is right out of the Red-Handbook on how to dismantle a Nation of Law's and rights just look at Mexico it has no Rights for it's people and guy's like Bush and Schey and all the other's will make billions on taking our Rights as a frre people, that is what the rat's want our human right's being removed and the end game is all about us who think and act like American's to be removed from the face of this earth. SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS, Evil people inside this so called Government and the churches doing a job of evil on YOU.