Democrats next immigration move: pass AgJobs, anti-American DREAM Act

Yesterday, Senator Barbara Boxer issued the following release regarding the failed Bush-Kennedy-Senate immigratiom amnesty bill [1]:
"I decided to vote yes on cloture today because I felt that if the policies in this bill were carried out properly, the result would be a strengthening of our border security, the rescue of our agriculture industry, and the acknowledgment that hardworking undocumented immigrants should have a path to legality if they follow the tough rules we have set out... As we move forward, I hope that the Senate will work to immediately pass the non-controversial pieces of this bill such as increased funding for border security, the AgJobs program, and the Dream Act... We also need to legislate a fair way to deal with the 12 million undocumented workers who have become an important part of California's economy and the economy of the country."
As pointed out here many times, the DREAM Act is one of the most anti-American pieces of legislation ever devised: among other things, it allows foreign citizens who are here illegally to take discounted college educations away from U.S. citizens. It is only "non-controversial" because the MSM continually fails to note its downsides; moreover, there have been numerous propaganda pieces printed about it.

In fact, here's Charles Babington of the Associated Press parroting the lines from not just Boxer but corrupt growers:
...A priority [going ahead] for many farm groups is the "Ag jobs" component, one of several programs now needing a new legislative vehicle. It would legalize about 1 million undocumented agricultural workers in the U.S., a key goal of growers whose crops can rot in the fields if not harvested at key times by people willing to work hard at low wages.

The program is considered relatively popular, as is another piece of the stalled bill: the DREAM Act, or Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act...

...Some lawmakers said they hope Congress will enact such programs as stand-alone bills fairly soon. Others, however, said it will be difficult to pass even noncontroversial parts by themselves.
He did good work, promoting not just one but two of Boxer's themes as fact rather than the opinion of some. Note also that at her site [2], Hillary Clinton trumpets the DREAM Act:
I am proud of America's commitment to welcoming immigrants. We are all immeasurably enriched by the contributions of immigrants who have come to this country to find the American dream through their hard work. That's why I led efforts for the Immigrant Children's Health Improvement Act, championed the Access to Employment and English Acquisition Act, and co-sponsored the DREAM Act, which makes it possible for hardworking young people to attend college. These measures recognize that all America is strengthened when immigrants have access to health care and education that will enable them to become fully participating members of our society.


This illustrates why we need a fairness doctrine in most newspapers!!! They lie, or put the real truth "in the shadows"......No wonder many are barely hanging on.