Senate votes for amnesty cloture: what you can do

Cloture on the Senate illegal immigration amnesty bill has passed with 64 Yes votes. There are other votes ahead, but the large number of votes for cloture don't bode well.

Apparently all those phone calls had an effect, but not enough of an effect.

What we need now is a series of Macaca moments, but about immigration policy.

What I urge everyone to do is to go to campaign appearances and ask tough questions about immigration that are designed to reveal flaws in the candidates' arguments. Not rants, and not questions that will generate a predictable response. They need to be specific questions that are designed to prevent the candidates from being evasive. And, they don't have to be about the Senate bill specifically, just about amnesty in general.

Then, the videos of those responses can be put on Youtube and promoted in other ways.

If this is done enough times, it will have an impact on candidates' political careers, and that will send a loud message to those in the Senate and the House. Plus, it will have the side effect of showing just how corrupt the MSM is.

Here are questions for John Edwards, here are some for McCain, and see the videos with more questions for Hillary, Obama, and Richardson here.

UPDATE: How they voted here, those who switched from one side to another listed here, and from this:

The second, and final, cloture vote is coming Thursday (that will be to end debate and proceed to a final vote on the bill itself), and only five votes need to shift from Yes to No to stop it. That seems like a good bet, with good candidates for switching including Brownback, Bond, Ben Nelson, Ensign, Burr, and Gregg.



I was absolutely knocked out that Evan Bayh voted "NO" on closure. Good for him!!! You see folks those phone calls and faxes can work. I think one of the things that may have swayed Bayh to switch his vote was the latest poll data from both Rassmusen, Zogby and even Carville showing that the majority of Democrats are strongly opposed to Amnesty and wish to see an enforcement based Immigration strategy. Another thing is to let your Democratic Senator know is that many Democratic Representatives, in the "flyover" states at least, have been running on Immigration Restrictionist/ Enforcement/Fair Trade platforms. The last thing these Dem Reps want to see is the "CIR" being debated in the house with Sleazeball Emmanuel and Wacko Guitierrez harassing them on behalf of the Cheap Labor Lobby and the Latino radicals. Allowing "CIR" to even reach the House could put numerous Democratic seats at risk. Independent voters may not so much vote against their congressman as vote against Nancy Pelosi over Immigration. Pelosi is scared shitless that "CIR" could cost her the speakership. I am sure Indiana freshmen Reps Elsworth, Hill and Donnelly along with lots of Indiana Dem voters called to remind Bayh of this fact. Its like that scene from the movie "Casino", "I know my congressman is a stand up guy, but why take any chances".

Its time to fight or become a slave of Mexico City. AND MANY WILL JUST SAY YES TO TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT, Stop the Slave owner Bush. No need to say more its time to fight for freedom here and now!