Canadians, others to protest SPP meeting in August (oil, water reserves)

From this:
Activists already are preparing to protest the third summit meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America [scheduled for Aug. 20 and 21 in Montebello, Quebec, at the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello resort], a trilateral initiative between the U.S., Canada and Mexico seen by critics as a major step toward a North American Union, according to WND columnist Jerome Corsi, author of a new book on the subject, "The Late Great USA."

...Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is scheduled to host the Quebec summit, which will be attended by Mexican President Felipe Calderon and President Bush.

...The first SPP summit was held in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005. The second took place in was held in Cancun, Mexico, in March 2006.

...The Council of Canadians held a March 30-April 1 "teach in" titled "Integrate This! Challenging the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America." A brochure on the Council of Canadians website says SPP "is moving Canada quickly toward a continental resource pact, a North American security perimeter and harmonized military and security policies."

...Canadian activists have argued a major goal of the CSIS study is to identify Canadian oil and fresh water as continental "North American natural resources" which, under SPP, could be diverted to U.S. cities without fair compensation to Canada.


People in Canada must start fighting for freedom from the pig shit in Washington and Mexico City, And we who Love freedom must start fighting here. The people of Mexico are nothing and will only rape the USA And Canada this coming fight for Life over evil is started but most do not see that fact. Bush is Bin Laden Bush is A TOOL OF EVIL DOERS.

If I was a few years younger I'd be right there with them in Canada marching on the streets. But for now I'll just have to pound the keyboards to stress what an absolute betrayal Bush (and before him Clinton who started the ball rolling for the NAU when he pushed thru NAFTA), and the two leaders of Canada and Mexico are trying to push over on their citizens. It's amazing that these three arrogant "leaders" thought they could get away with going behind our backs and destroy the sovereignty of three entire countries for their New World Order (the term coined by Bush's Daddy) while we would just sit quietly back and accept it. Hopefully more and more Americans and Canadians will start waking up to what is happening. It now all makes sense why Bush has insisted on wide open borders and no enforcement of our immigration laws -- he was preparing for the NAU since the day he took the oath of office -- the meaning of which he quickly forgot. The NAU is treason and all who planned it should be tried accordingly.