Harry Reid: unprecedented trick to pass illegal immigration amnesty?

Via this we find this description from a "knowledgeable Senate source" as to the procedure Harry Reid might use to push through amnesty. After a few days of "ripening",

we expect Reid - with the help and support of certain Republican leadership and the Grand Bargainers - to do something that we believe has never been done in the history of the Senate... he will use an arcane Senate procedure that allows a single amendment to be divisible into many - in this case, into the 20-odd amendments the Grand Bargainers are trying to cobble together to keep 60 votes in support of the bill. Traditionally, that amendment has been used to protect minority rights - but in this case, it will be used to PREVENT the minority from getting additional amendments called up and from being able to fully debate the amendments in question. It is, to our knowledge, unprecedented... If Reid does this, with the help of certain Republican leadership and the Grand Bargainers, they will shut off the ability of Senators with concerns of the bill to offer additional amendments and to debate the amendments in question.



This may not do them any good because their use of procedural legerdemain will get around and only stoke outrage about the bill. We'll see. Of course they're scum in any case.

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[1] immigration.campustap.com

_The current Immigration Restrictionist movement is a true grassroots phenomena. As is dogshit. pseudonymous in nc_ Ok buddy, make your case. Tell me which major foundation or corporation is funding the Immigration Restrictions movement. And don't waste your time with the long discounted SPLC stories about the shadowy and evil Pioneer Fund [1] being the force behind the entire Immigration Restrictionist movement. The talk section of the wiki is especially important. Nor will the now discredited SPLC's tall tales about the "PuppetMaster" John Tanton [2] fool anybody. Where is the Immigration Restrictionist equivalent of the Open Borders agenda funding Ford Foundation? [3] Where is the Immigration Restrictionist equivalent of the foreign governments that have well funded Political Action Committees and have seen to the establishment their large and powerful congressional caucuses like India and Mexico? The Ford Foundation can do what ever it wants with its money. But to pretend that it does not support an Open Borders agenda is to be brain dead. It along with many other major US corporations that have a particular self interest in the insurance of Cheap Labor fund just about every single pro Hispanic immigration and Illegal Alien amnesty agenda group. Likewise to not at least raise an eyebrow at the appropriateness of a Hillary Clinton or Karl Rove speaking to the India Foundation as they promise to expand the H1-B visa program is foolish.

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If you think Reid wants to have the immigration bill pass, you are a lunatic. Reid just wants to keep the immigration bill front and center, where in will slowly burn, just like Iraq. The GOP base is split down the middle. Hate radio and Lou Dobbs keeps the racists fired up, but the chamber of commerce types, like the ag folks, want the illegals to get amnesty. Their business models depend on it. So the longer the issue hangs in the air, the more the Republican party is split in half. Harry is playing you guys for chumps. By the time the 2008 elections come around, Bush's approval rating will be about 20% and thanks to Micheal Savage, Michelle Malkin, and the rest of the usual suspects, the latino vote will look like the black vote. The democrats will pick up 50 seats in the house, 10 in the Senate, Hillary will be elected President, and you will all be enrolled in the mandatory government health care program. Nice work, Einstein.

"The democrats will pick up 50 seats in the house, 10 in the Senate, Hillary will be elected President, and you will all be enrolled in the mandatory government health care program." Bullshit. Whites are the majority of this country and are not going to permit such treachery. You are outnumbered, and hopelessly clueless. I'll file your prediction in the garbage can, where it belongs.

The Hispanic vote was only 6% of the electorate in 2004. Unless there is massive illegal voting by aliens I don't think 2008 will see a significant increase in that percentage. Even among Hispanics there is hardly unanimity on the Immigration Question, as the AZ vote on Prop 200 proved. The Senate bill greatly increases legal immigration and-if enacted into law- will act as a spur to greater illegal immigration as the history of amnesties in both the US and Europe prove. Many Hispanics put practical concerns such as overcrowded schools and housing and downward pressure on wages ahead of ethnic solidarity.

Don't count on the black vote. Many are waking up to the fact that massive immigration hurts them the worst of all.

Kyle is a crazed open-borders loon backed up by a Harvard trust fund. Check out his website for laughs.