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National Border Patrol Council Official Union of the US Border Patrol
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.@senyorreporter: I accurately predicted in Dec 2015 how #MuslimBan would fail. @bpunion enabled Trump instead. His Wall will fail too.
.@senyorreporter: @bpunion ignored Q's that would have helped their idol: They enabled him instead. #MAGA?
.@bpunion: you're sworn to protect the USA, yet you're enabling a charlatan who's fooled 10s of millions using bogus plans. Rethink things.
.@bpunion: Questions for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) about Trump:
.@BPUnion: smart ways to make #Murrieta much more effective: Will you help do or promote one or more of those?
.@BPUnion: reporters, pundits, relgious leaders, etc enable illegal #immigration. Helping me discredit them would have a major impact.
.@BPUnion: #Murrieta is only a temporary, small victory. If you want a large victory, help me discredit leading illegal #immigration fans.
Per Shawn Moran of @BPUnion it was more a political protest than an attempt to cross the border. #immigration #tcot #tgdn #sgp #gop