Hillary co-chair Fabian Nunez gets $2 million to keep him in office

From this:
A California legislator who is national co chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has secretly exceeded contribution limits by having special interests - with laws before him - donate hefty sums to a ballot measure that will keep him in office longer.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a Democrat and well-known figure of the La Raza pro illegal immigration movement, has found a creative way to violate state laws that restrict political donations to $7,200 by instead having millions contributed to his top cause; a bill that will actually rewrite California's term-limit law to allow him to serve another six years in the legislature.

If the law doesn't pass, Nunez will be termed out of office in 2008 and if it does he will serve another six years. This is why deep-pocketed special interest groups—including corporations, unions, utilities and gambling enterprises--have bankrolled his coveted ballot measure by donating nearly $2 million to help it succeed...


And We the People have instituted term limits, why? Exactly for this very reason, to keep career criminals, err politicians from doing just what Nunez is trying to do. Term limits help keep organized crime from becoming entrenched, and their criminal enterprise from becoming too powerful. Substitute "Hamas" for "LaRaza", and you get the idea of what they plan for this Country. LaRaza won't rest until their "Israel", the USA, is wiped off the map.

Speaking of money and illegal immigration, who is the "private" funder of New Haven's new ID card for illegal immigrants? http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/Mayor/ReadMore.asp?ID={07CFC88D-8584-4B16-BE7F-324B79103307}

Personally, I'm no fan of Nunez, or of term limits, because I see no reason to preclude the possibility of a career politician, including members of the California legislature. It seems like a questionable infringement of a person's right to seek and hold public office. Especially since it's possible to hold these people accountable via the ballot box. If, if in the opinion of some, this is not happening, then another solution should be found...

This how the Amnesty bill will become law when that evil bitch become's La-president she will make it law without congress, old cartel number Fabian nunez la raza boy ( read cartel number from mexico city ) will help this haillary bitch of hell to start her work on removing rights of all non mexican/third world people and it is her will of total evil.