Joe Klein/Time Magazine: just a sleazy liar

In his latest column, Joe Klein of Time Magazine discusses Mitt Romney, and says:

[Romney] has flipped on immigration, to better suit the Mexican-fearing tendencies of a segment of the Republican base.

That's a sleazy statement which tries to give the impression that opposition to massive illegal activity and massive public and private corruption is due to xenophobia and racism.

Now for an example of Joe Klien lying. In a previous column, he said this:

I've been surprised by how ineffective Tancredo has been in making his anti-immigrant pitch, which should have some resonance in the Republican Party.

A smear and a lie, in just one sentence. Tancredo is not "anti-immigrant", and the idea that such a platform would find "resonance" is a smear.

(Also: Wonkette/Ana Marie Cox said on their blog that Hugh Hewitt was an "immigration foe", placing me in the uncomfortable position of having to defend him.)