Wikipedia deletes, locks North American Union article

Continuing our long series of discussing how nothing in Wikipedia can be trusted and how - because it appears at the top of search results for nearly every term - it's little more than a disinformation source, plug the following into your browser:

You'll find yourself at the "Independent Task Force on North America" entry with a note at the top saying, "North American Union redirects here". On the talk page, we read comments from various parties:
...The related article "North American Union" was previously deleted after being inaccurately characterized as a hoax/conspiracy theory in its AFD debate. While it is true that some WP editors did add questionable or biased material to the article, it is a very real proposal which does merit a properly-written article... I'm going to list this for NPOV review to ensure that the article sticks to the relevant and verifiable facts...

...North American Union is the only topic I've searched at Wikipedia that was deleted and locked... I find it strange that a topic COULD be locked in that way. I don't know the history and didn't see the entries that caused it to be locked, as even the discussion was deleted and locked--wtf is up with that?--stopping discussion? On the surface, it makes it appear that a conspiracy exists to prevent there being a North American Union entry...

...Yes, I was also surprised that a topic like this could be deleted and locked...
OTOH, the SPP article is not only still there, but all of the links I added to the Criticisms section are also still there:

It's certainly odd that they'd wipe everything from the record like that, and it certainly makes me wonder who could have done it.

7/15/07 UPDATE: What is purported to be the pre-deletion version of the NAU article is here:

I don't know if that's the full article and what date/time it's from however.


It's common for deletion to go overboard on wikipedia, and discussion automatically gets deleted when an article is deleted.