Comments too hot for (National Association of Manufacturers)

Yesterday, Carter Wood of the blog (run by the National Association of Manufacturers) posted a content-free anti-Lou Dobbs post entitled "Running for President on the Fist-Pounding Ticket". I left a couple comments which were moderated and which have not been approved, and I doubt whether they will be. First, the post:
Lou Dobbs for president, eh? Well, there's always room for an angry populist to stoke the fires of protectionism and the class struggle... True, most of the celebrities like Dobbs who talk about running for office are more interested in gratifying huge egos and boosting sales of whatever they're selling at the moment... At least a Dobbs' candidacy would invite some scrutiny, accountability, for the contradictions and economic illiteracy [links to this post] he spouts. And surely it would pose at least a minor political conundrum to Democrats who share his views, folks like Senators Byron Dorgan or Sherrod Brown, for example: Support the cause or the party?
My comments weren't the best, but it is interesting that they don't want to approve them:
The Drezner link is certainly interesting, since no examples of "contradictions and economic illiteracy" are presented, only a locution nit. Other than a bad link and a smear attempt (the implication he's trying to sell books) do you have any sort of counter-argument to his positions?

More on tonight's 60Minutes smear at the link; I found the medical journal article LesleyStahl's crack producers couldn't find.
My earlier comment didn't go through, but let's try again.

You imply that Dobbs has a financial interest in running: self-promotion.

What financial interest does NAM or its members have in opposing Dobbs? How many of your members have a, er, "immigrant" work force?


yes the same boys who made 400 million on halliburton who subsidiary KBR Who built the camp system inside the USA, see peter phillips, Lou Dobbs did a story on this some time ago and people still don't get what is happening, And may God help you all.

that's too funny. interesting how they control the debate by silencing the most glaring truth.

Perfectly happy to post your comment. But you left a fake e-mail address and signed your comment, "Lesley Stahl." We also post lots of anonymous comments, it's just the ones under obviously fake names that could mislead we object to.