Joe Biden responds to question from Youtube user

Jeff Jarvis from BuzzMachine has a new site called He's encouraging everyone to upload videos to Youtube asking the candidates questions. The videos should then be tagged with 'prezconference' so they can be easily found.

Now, Joe Biden has responded to one such question.

This is a very good trend, albeit with just one or two data points so far (Dennis Kucinich also replied to a video question unrelated to Jarvis' site, and there might be more.) Most of us aren't in Iowa or New Hampshire, and the candidates aren't exactly flocking to California except to get some money, and even then they don't have a Q&A session.

Unfortunately, most of the video questions with this tag are a bit on the lightweight side. For the tough questions, see my Barack Obama video. And, here's my Bill Richardson video. Here's another question for Bill Richardson.

To be frank, publicly embarassing a presidential candidate over their immigration positions could break everything wide open, forcing other candidates to defend or even modify their support for amnesty. It would also reveal the MSM for the transcriptionists and propagandists that they are.

I urge everyone to review the candidates' positions on issues, then think up short, difficult questions designed to reveal flaws in those positions. Then, crank up Windows Movie Maker with some public domain images and post it to Youtube and other sites.


this guy( Biden )is like all in washington who want money and power "all he wants is your life in a box for control" and face facts people he want total control over anything you do, its all about control of money and power.

oh yes I forgot biden also wants control for his family so his kids can have the good life and your family means nothing to him, listen to what this little rat is telling you, he talks about taxies and money and control over you not his family by your family. can you hear me now? and May God help you all in the coming hell.