STRIVE Act: a section-by-section summary

A 50-page PDF with a summary of the Gutierrez-Flake STRIVE Act - including some highlighted differences with last year's Senate bill 2611 - is available in a PDF at this page:

UPDATE: There's another analysis here. For instance:

...Even when the bill requires that additional vehicle barriers be built along the border, we have to consult with Mexican officials to solicit the views of Mexican communities, lessen tensions, and foster greater understanding! (sections 103, 123)... ...Employers are specifically allowed to lay-off American workers and replace them with "new" foreign workers as long as they lay-off the Americans more than 90 days before or after they file the petitions for the foreign workers. (section 402)... The bill claims to have tough criminal penalties to crack down on gang violence. However, the bill does not take the single most effective step to combat immigrant gang violence - it does not make make members of criminal street gangs deportable (as the House-passed Sensenbrenner-King bill did last Congress). (section 234)...


No point in reading it we all know what its about and who is behind it, the FOE/THE EVIL ONES AND THE ANTAGONIST, In other words Mexico City, Population is a weapon being used on us all for evil ends. see: North American Union of evil IDEALS And evil people for a evil future of third world ideals.