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❤God Bless Texas.❤
❤LifeLibertyPursuitOfHappiness❤#RedNationRising #tcot ❤ #ShariaLaw is real #WarOnWomen ‼Political Correctness Kills‼ #SupportTroops & #Veterans #Israel ❤
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@24AheadDotCom_ @SandraALTX You know @rupertmurdoch runs @FoxNews right? And he's 4 open borders
.@gorgashouse @SandraALTX: others do things like that now, but their questions are very weak. See the questions:
.@gorgashouse @SandraALTX: the plan is to put politicians on the spot by asking them *tough* policy questions, then uploading it to Youtube.
@24AheadDotCom_ @SandraALTX I won't agree to anything I don't fully understand. What is your plan? Be plain and simple. The plan should be.
.@SandraALTX @gorgashouse: alternatively, you can help with smart plans that would stop refugee crisis in EU and USA. Will you help? #tcot
RT @gorgashouse: @SandraALTX We need to let the Swedish women come in the US as refugees. If this isn't a War in women what the hell is?
@kausmickey @SandraALTX Persuade 51% of illegals to vote Republican. You'd see Hillary on the border manning a machine gun.