Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley's "Save The Sweatshops" movement

The archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, offers "A more humane immigration policy" about the New Bedford immigration raids, you know, the ones at the factory just about everyone admits was a sweatshop. In it he hides behind false humanitarianism to support illegal immigration and he is in effect supporting the abuses to which illegal aliens are subjected, including having to work in sweatshops:

But before they are "illegal," they are human -- women and men with families, hopes and dreams, a determination to find a better life for their children. Their humanity, human dignity, and -- most of all -- their children have the first claim on our conscience as Americans.

If we asked the Cardinal whether he would support deportations as long as it's done in a humane way that preserves their human dignity, there's an excellent chance he would hem and haw and the bottom line would be that he doesn't support deportations.

On the uncontroversial side, he supports better coordination between federal and local officials and relatively minor changes to the immigration laws concerning caregivers. However, he also goes the extra step and calls for "comprehensive immigration reform", something that will continue to allow illegal immigration and continue to allow abuses such as those alleged at the factory.

What he needs is to have a "comprehensive" approach to this topic instead of simply playing on peoples' emotions. He doesn't want us to look for "villians", thus avoiding discussing what those illegal aliens were thinking when they came here illegally with or later had children. He also doesn't discuss the political aspects of this issue, such as how illegal immigration helps prop up corrupt foreign governments.

There are a lot of aspects he doesn't discuss, and as usual I strongly urge everyone to try to ask him and others like him tough questions designed to point out all the flaws in what little argument they provide.

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Go to the link . Click on the lower left picture of a woman, over the caption "debate rages over immigration raid." You will see this morning's broadcast of what is happening in New Bedford. Hundreds of Americans are applying for the jobs vacated by the illegals who are (supposedly) being deported. The unemployment rate in New Bedford is 8%, one of the highest in the state. Many people have been out of work for months and are eagerly seeking the vacated jobs--even at $7.15 an hour! It gives proof that Americans will do those jobs, in fact want those jobs very much! It also shows that there is a surplus of unskilled labor in the United States, just what the corporations like but why poor people have declining wages. It's the law of supply and demand, pure and simple. We have too many workers for the number of jobs available, so wages go down and the most vulnerable among us either must work two jobs or lose their housing. This is NOT the time to increase the number of workers coming into the country, as the senate would like to do in its upcoming amnesty try.

A-lot of money in mexicans and third world people that is what the cardinal is thinking

Gotta import more victims for those pedophiles the church has also protected for decades!!!!

Why did he say that? Yes people are human ... but as he dismisses ... they're illegal