Kerry, Kennedy, Delahunt, Frank support illegal immigration (New Bedford, Congressional investigation)

For further proof that Democratic Party leaders do not support our laws, here's the caption of the following photo:

john kerry illegal immigrationSen. John Kerry, D-Mass., talks with Mildred Gonzalez, 14, during a Spanish Mass held at Our Lady of Guadalupe at Saint James Church in New Bedford, Mass. U.S. Rep. William Delahunt said Sunday that there would be a Congressional investigation into the immigration raid at a leather goods factory last week that left dozens of families in turmoil. Delahunt joined Sen. Edward Kennedy, Kerry, and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, all Democrats, at a meeting of family members Sunday at this New Bedford church that has served as a clearinghouse since the Tuesday raid.

The next caption is even worse:

teddy kennedy illegal immigrationSen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., holds hands with grieving members of the immigrant community during a prayer at a Spanish Mass held at Our Lady of Guadalupe at Saint James Church, Sunday, March 11, 2007, in New Bedford, Mass...

They're "grieving" because we have laws that disallow self-service immigration.

There are other pictures here and here.


Sorry, but Ann Coulter is right: they're all a bunch of faggots [1]*. Any man, ESPECIALLY A LAWMAKER, who would go and do this -- express such extravagant sympathy for illegals, even hold hands with them in some kind of prayer circle, as if someone had died or something (good grief) -- can be called nothing else. *In consideration of gays: _"Historically, "fag" and "faggot" have been offensive terms when addressed to American males...The term is often used by young people as a synonym for words such as jerk (i.e. "What a jerk!" becomes "What a faggot!")._

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Faggot_%28epithet%29

eh, got it very right. You will never see these pols at the graveside of the thousands of American Citizens, murdered, or killed in a DUI by an illegal. No show of support for any their American families whose lives are ruined by the killings, the identity theft, or by their lost jobs. Or the lost opportunities for our children and their futures. No photo op, I guess. Plenty of grieving going on in the lives of American families, we just don't pander to the cameras. There is no damage done to the illegals lives, the worst that happens is they get sent HOME. Thats the same punishment Americans hand out to errant kindergarteners. Too bad, so sad, not. Kerry and Kennedy just can't remember which Country they represent, or which side of the law they are on.