"A safer, more secure and economically dynamic North America"

The article "'North American Union' plan under fire" by Kelly Patterson says:
Officials on both sides of the border strongly deny the charges that they're engineering a North American Union.

"All three governments are sovereign democracies, and the SPP work is the kind of standard intergovernmental diplomacy and co-ordination that occurs all the time on various issues," says U.S. Department of Commerce spokesman Matt Englehart.

Any steps that would require legal changes will be vetted by Congress, Mr. Englehart adds.

The pact aims simply to "promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods" among the three trading partners, he says.
Millions of us North Americans visit each others' countries each year, but somehow I think he's refering to the "save and efficient movement" of "guest" workers and similar as well.

And, a few paragraphs earlier in the article we were treated to this:
The SPP aims "to build a safer, more secure and economically dynamic North America," says Melisa Leclerc, spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day.
In addition to quoting Jerome Corsi and the president of the John Birch Society, we get this:
But Robert Pastor, director of the Center of North American Studies at American University and an influential proponent of economic integration, says the SPP is no threat to sovereignty.

"The idea of a North American Union is impossible.... There's no way these national governments are going to be dissolved," he says, noting that the relationships among the three nations are very different from those in Europe.
The bottom line is that he supports the formation of such a union in the future, even if he thinks many preliminary steps need to be taken first. He also said that the formation of the NAU was just a crisis away.


A "safer" American with open borders? So that the entire US can turn into what LA and Miami already are? What's "safer" about that?


You got that right, Fred. Welcome to NAU, Inc. Bush, McCain-Kennedy, Pelosi, working full-time, full-speed, on the greatest treason in this nations history. Will gallows be built for the traitors or the patriots?

The facts are Smity we will have no rights inside the new idea called the North American Union, the USA And Mexico and Canada and south America will disappear over the next 20 to 50 years and become one big hell on earth. and yes our political people will have no accountabily for anything. after-all its about the money to be made for some.

So with the borders pushed up north & down south and the new Patriot act will the government still be able to invade the privacy of citizens in Mexico & Canada?

Will we have control over the Mexican & Canadian borders?

Will Canadian & Mexican courts be submissive to US courts?

Will US citizens be subjected to the kook rulings of Canadian & Mexican courts like the Europeans are subjected to kook leftist courts?

Or will we just have uncontrolled borders with Canada & Mexico and no accountabilty or rights while Mexicans & Canadians have the same rights as Americans?

Oh well, "if you just watch and do nothing you will have the new idea", called the North American Union of Mexico. so if that is what you all want have fun in hell. by the way the relationship among all government is the money that is paid out to the right people at the right time, listen to savage nation, its not about the intruder in the night its about the guy walking in front of you who walk's into the bank with your money!