Freeway offramp fruit sellers: products from supermarket dumpsters?

You know those people who sell fruits like oranges at freeway (or highway or thruway) offramps? Did you ever ponder where they got the fruit and what type of arbitrage is involved there? Well, I did, briefly, once and I assumed that they bought it from supermarkets and then resold it for a higher price for those in a hurry to get the Vitamin C. But now, a disturbing voice has whispered in my ear another possibility: the produce has been retrieved from supermarket dumpsters after the market threw it out because it had passed the sell-by date. I don't know whether that's prevalent or not, but it is something to consider.


Freeway to Mexico! Yes this story is well known, one of my many jobs is to do my best to stop this kind of B.S One day I did stop 10 mexican from getting into the Dumsters and taking bad food. but its pointless day after day the little people come back, so in the end game many of the markets just don't care any more and off go the bad food in into someone "icebox", yes we live in a world that has become Mexico! and each day we just walk away from that fact is one more day to D-Day mexico city rule of your life and your world.