Jose Serrano's "Child Citizen Protection Act" ("Anchor Baby Bill")

Last year, dim bulb Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) introduced the "Child Citizen Protection Act" (2006 release here; PDF). As People's Weekly World describes here, it would let immigration judges decide whether or not to deport the illegal alien parents of U.S. citizen children, aka "anchor babies".

There are apparently over 3 million such anchor babies (source: Urban Institute, see article below); not all of the parents might be illegal aliens, but giving the judges discretion might result in a large number of otherwise deportable people not being deported. That will lead to the usual suspects complaining about those who were deported, which might lead to an even broader bill. And, of course, the bill will lead to many other illegal aliens - including new illegal aliens - having children here in order to take advantage of Serrano's largesse.

Now, he's introduced a new bill for the new year, H.R.213 (link). The co-sponsors include some of the usual suspects:

Gary Ackerman, [NY-5]
Raul Grijalva [AZ-7]
Barbara Lee, [CA-9]
Jim McDermott, [WA-7]
Jerrold Nadler, [NY-8]
Janice Schakowsky, [IL-9]
Edolphus Towns, [NY-10]

On Monday a federal judge in Florida threw out a lawsuit that would have had the same effect as Serrano's bill, and the bill was the rationale for the dismissal.

If the bill gets any traction, I'd suggest using that to try to make the Democratic Party look even more like the party of collaborateurs, something which may cause more moderate Democrats to put the brakes on their extremist brethren.


Already ~10% of births in the US are to illegals; this loophole has to be closed.
There is no right for random foreign criminals to increase the aggression on the net taxpayer in this way.
Once you close it off, the demographic patterns become stable again. This is particularly good since the mass immigration of affirmative action eligibles, and their dropping of such large numbers of anchor babies, automatically causes the level of intergroup conflict to rise every year.
This reminds me to go to numbersUSA and see if they've posted action bulletins for contacting politicians regarding this possible legislation.