Ramos/Compean <s>trial transcripts</s> OIG Report of Investigation

Available in this PDF.

UPDATE: Smitty is indeed correct: those aren't the transcripts, but the very heavily - and most likely mostly unnecessarily - redacted Report of Investigation of the DHS Office of Inspector General which was obtained under a FOIA request. It also includes various Memoranda of Activity.

I note that the entire page apparently containing a portion of the Border Patrol's Firearms Policy is yellowed-out, followed by the statement that:

Investigation found that Ramos, Compean, [blank], and [blank] violated the BP Firearms Policy. Specifically, Ramos and Compean discharged their BP weapons, while on duty, and never reported the shooting.

I note that DHS Inspector General Richard L. Skinner admitted that his office lied to Congressmen about some facts of the case. And, only supervisors can file written reports about shooting incidents, and the requirement to make a verbal report seems to have been met by the fact that supervisors were present at or knew about the incident.

UPDATE 2: Sara Carter says: DHS report not consistent with earlier memo, OIG assertions. The PDF file is the DHS report; the earlier memo was:

written March 12, 2005 - less than a month after the Feb. 17, 2005 shooting - by Christopher Sanchez, the original investigating officer for Homeland Security's Inspector General's office.

More on the contradictions at the link.


That's not the trial transcript, it's a DHS investigation report and it's chok full of lies & bogus facts so much so that there's plenty of justification for an appeal.

The Onion couldn't have done a better job of satirizing bureaucratic evasiveness and general CYA'ing.