Ralph Nader: catalyst for a pro-borders independent party?

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer this morning, Ralph Nader didn't rule out a possible run for president. He said he doesn't like long campaigns and will decide later. Needless to say, expect Democrats to pull out all the stops to prevent that happening.

But, if he does run, perhaps it might make the formation of a pro-borders independent party slightly more likely. The Democrats would be weakened and be less of a challenge to the GOP. That might make the standard claims by GOP hacks that "as bad as we are the Dems are worse" less effective, allowing a fourth party that supports our laws to take some votes from the GOP. And, he could set an example that we don't have to chose between R or D. And, having three parties instead of just two that don't support our laws might be the final straw for a lot of people who want an alternative.