Catholics: ask Joan Rosenhauer some tough questions

From St. John's University's "News" department (possible email: webmaster *at* comes this:

As Joan Rosenhauer of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [email: jrosenhauer *at*] stood at the podium on the St. John's Staten Island campus yesterday, delivering a lecture on the Church's stance on U.S. immigration policy, one's imagination couldn't help but float six miles northeast to Ellis Island, where torrents of 19th century migrants once docked in search of a better life.

I guess if you're an un-bylined transcriptionist you might do that. I, however, would have been frantically taking notes and trying to think up the most devastating possible question to ask during the Q&A session. Due to the weakness of her argument, it wouldn't have been difficult:

Reflecting on the human right to dignity, homeland, asylum and migration, Rosenhauer said our ultimate challenge is to look upon the 11 million illegal immigrants within U.S. borders as "fellow children of God." ...Rosenhauer cited many Catholic sources defending the rights of immigrants, including Pope Benedict's XVI's first encyclical, Deus Caritas Es, stating that "charity must animate the entire lives of the lay faithful"; God's "Great Commandment" to love thy neighbor; and the famous scripture passage from the Book of Matthew in which Jesus says "I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me." ...[she] also broached the practical benefits to immigration. Citing U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics indicating that America will be short 2 million low-skilled workers by 2010, she noted that the U.S. economy depends on immigrant labor.

As with the Bishops, her arguments are incredibly weak, and a little tough questioning would have completely demolished them and shown her stance to be completely corrupt. Then, she might have taken news of her discrediting back to headquarters, and that might result in the Bishops realizing that the more lies they tell, the less everything else they say will be believed.

If Rosenhauer or another USCCB representative is coming to your area, please get out there and ask some tough questions.

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you are right its weak and corrupt the only argument the catholic bishops have is with each other on how to help mexico/third world people and its corrupt government, move millions more people here and do nothing inside the third world sad fact is most of the so called bishops have friends in our government that help in all things to take us down the road to the third world life.