Bush official: NAFTA superhighway is "urban legend"

From the "I knew there was a conspiracy when they started denying there was a conspiracy" comes this:
Congressmen and a policy official of the Department of Transportation engaged in a spirited exchange over whether NAFTA Super Highways were a threat to U.S. sovereignty or an imaginary "Internet conspiracy," such as the "black helicopter myths," advanced by fringe lunatics.

At a meeting Wednesday of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Jeffrey N. Shane, undersecretary of transportation for policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, testified.

During the questioning by committee members, Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, asked Shane about the existence of plans for a "NAFTA superhighway."

Shane responded he was "not familiar with any plan at all, related to NAFTA or cross-border traffic."

After further questioning by Poe, Shane stated reports of NAFTA superhighways or corridors were "an urban legend."

At this, the chairman, Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., questioned aloud whether Shane was just "gaming semantics" when responding to Poe's question.

"Mr. Shane was either blissfully ignorant or he may have been less than candid with the committee," Poe told WND in a telephone interview...
The article also contains excerpts from a speech by former Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta gave on April 30, 2004. He was speaking at a NASCO (North American SuperCorridor Coalition) meeting, and he basically declared open borders for Mexican trucks.

If there is no attempt to create a "NAFTA superhighway", why are the Bush administration and their helpers so eager to deny it, despite the mountain of evidence showing it's being planned? Why, for instance, are there zero relevant hits for "NASCO" and zero hits under any conditions for either "North American SuperCorridor Coalition" or "North American Super Corridor Coalition" in the archives for both the Washington Post and the New York Times?


Liars. Myth and conspiracy? Anyone can go to Texas and see with their own eyes. The bulldozers are already at work. Construction is underway. No myth about it. Bush would say that the earth is flat if it helped his agenda. And MSM would believe him, and report it as fact.

The Texas news group purchase allows one of the largest toll road operators in the world to control some of it

all part of the plan, the bush family will make billions on this deal.