Bush State of the Union Address 2007 features blackmail

The SOTU excerpt has Bush blackmailing the country he supposedly works for:

we cannot fully secure the border unless we take pressure off the border - and that requires a temporary worker program.

That statement is either completely Clintonian or complete bunk depending on how it's parsed. For the first, nothing anyone could ever do would "fully secure" the border: that's physically impossible.

If we parse that non-Clintonianly, then Bush could secure the border tomorrow if he wanted to. Simply start cracking down (really cracking down) on employers (hey! a new job for Johnny Sutton) and do whatever else is legal and necessary to make sure that most of the flow is going the other way.

This Bush statement is essentially blackmail: "help my contributors get the cheap labor they want (but don't absolutely need) and then I might do the job I swore I'd do."

Also: the wife of Border Patrol agent Ramos will be attending the SOTU as a guest of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).