Schwarzenegger: aid for illegal alien farmworkers

Mexico-linked "centrist" Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared that farmworkers affected by the recent freeze in the Central Valley - including those here illegally - will be receiving state aid:

"Everyone will get help [a massive aid package but not including unemployment]... We are not here collecting immigration statuses."

What a humanitarian! Say, did you know that Arnie's Big Trip to Mexico included California growers whining about the lack of plentiful cheap labor? Did you know that neither the SacBee nor any other "news" source I could find disclosed who those growers were or their affiliations? That way, we don't know whether one of them was the politically-connected Luawanna Hallstrom or one of the many other politically-connected growers. And, because of this malfeasance on the part of the AP and others most people aren't going to figure out that Arnie's probable goal with his latest giveaway to Mexican citizens has much more to do with helping corrupt growers profit from illegal immigration than from humanitarianism.

Then, we get this charming news:

In winter months, the citrus industry provides thousands of jobs in Fresno County, which employs more farmworkers than any other California county, according to federal statistics. But even during a normal year, about 40 percent of farmworkers in the county risk going hungry during the winter, according to the California Institute for Rural Studies.

Of course, it's a bit difficult to take the word of what is no doubt a far-left, pro-illegal immigration organization. However, I have little doubt that they aren't far off.

And, that situation is what Arnie and his grower friends really support.


we all know what this guy is about the question is, is he behind Barack Obama and did old Arnold also go to some Madrassa in indonesia? that some mexican drug dealer paid for to help in the mass murder of this nation?

what old Arnold wants is the same thing that hitler wanted and Bin LADEN IS WORKING FOR.


...risk going hungry...

Oh the humanity of it all.