"Arnold's gross dishonesty" (a "fee" or a "tax"?)

As discussed here, Arnold Schwarzenegger ran on a "no new taxes" platform and accused Phil Angelides of never meeting a tax he didn't want to implement. Now, the new "centrist" Arnie wants to finance his healthcare-for-all (including illegal aliens) scheme using a set of what he calls "fees". They are, in actual fact, "taxes". While it's not discussed at that link, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (site) has said that they might sue to get Arnie to use the correct language.


Your perfidious governor has also stated that he'll spend some of federal emergency aid intended for the fruit growers of California on migrant workers, to include illegal aliens. Time to submit an Amecus curiae brief to the courts to prevent what amounts to aiding abetting illegal aliens. It would nice to see Arnold behind bars and unable to escape at the announcement of the word "cut!".