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Rep. John Yarmuth
Louisville, KY
Official Twitter Account for Congressman John Yarmuth, representing the 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky.
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@24AheadDotCom_ @phillipmbailey @RepJohnYarmuth Sounds great!
@24AheadDotCom_ @phillipmbailey @RepJohnYarmuth Sounds great!
.@Jpdavi4 @phillipmbailey: let's find experts to develop *tough* questions that'll really put @RepJohnYarmuth on the spot. You want to help?
Great opportunity-> MT @Jpdavi4 RT @phillipmbailey: Louisville @RepJohnYarmuth is hosting "Health Care Town Hall” on Jul 6 at @LouisvilleCHS
RT @phillipmbailey: FYI. Louisville’s @RepJohnYarmuth is hosting a "Health Care Town Hall” on July 6 at @LouisvilleCHS.…
@RepJohnYarmuth is going back to #CentralHighSchool for another health care town hall meeting like he did back in 2010. It on July 6 at 6 pm