"LULAC leader blames Americans for crimes by Mexicans"

From this:
After a federal study revealed that a look at 100 illegal immigrants previously arrested and released for breaking state or local law had on an average been arrested six times, the president of the Dallas chapter of the League of United Latin Amercian Citizens (LULAC) made a controversial remark that has been the talk of the town.

Jesse Diaz, the LULAC leader, said while the report is flawed, he stands by his comments that if Americans want to blame anybody, they need to blame themselves.

"Now that they come to the United States, they're picking up those bad habits of shooting [and] drinking drugs," he said...

... But what Diaz said worries him the most is that the study only looked at 100 who broke criminal laws, but cast a cloud over the millions whose only crime is crossing the border illegally

"It teaches them to hate immigrants, and the majority of these immigrants are good people," he said...


No insane asylum is big enough for LULAC and its horde of loony, weaselsnake criminals. However, there is a big empty country to our south, called mexico. No one lives there anymore. Could we ship 'em all there, and then build a big WALL?

C'mon Chertoff, times up. WHERE'S THE WALL?


Now that they come to the United States, they're picking up those bad habits of shooting...

...was true, Mr. Diaz would have long ago been shot due to his many moronic, anti-American statements. Jesse Diaz belongs to the next generation of race baiters and poverty pimps.

Sure, they even picked up our nasty custom of killing someone then burning her body.

ANAHEIM - Officers arrested a 28-year-old Anaheim man Wednesday night on suspicion of killing a person whose body was found burning in small container in his back yard, Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez said.

Jose Sauceda-Contreras is being held on suspicion of homicide at the Anaheim Detention Facility in lieu of $1 million, police said.


Strange how immigrants are not to be blamed for anything, even for aggression.
Aggression is not to be explained or excused, and especially not by saying that they had bad habits somehow imposed on them; it is only to be reacted against.
His people are not anything to be proud of.